Action Square are so new to the scene that, well, Gigantic X is their first game. But, what a debut? It's an explosive game which easily rivals the big budget games of the big players, and not just that it's damn good.

Gigantic X is similar to a twin-stick shooter. You get an isometric perspective, a bunch of guns, and a whole bunch of enemies. But the game can get seriously tough at times, and as such, you need some expert tips to help you through. Well, I don't know about experts, but you've got me.

In this guide we're going to take you through what Gigantic X is and how to play it, because if you want a quickfire shooter to blast through in your spare time, this might be the next one for you to play…

How to play Gigantic X

It's pretty simple, as most twin-stick shooters are. You have a digital control stick for movement, and a selection of buttons on the right side of the screen for shooting down your enemies.

Luckily it's not as simple as just blasting away, and you have a small variety of shooting methods to choose from. A barrage blast, and enhanced bullets are just two options. Though the other actions you have access to change entirely depending on your character and weapon type. Despite that, your basic strategies will mostly remain the same. Do damage, avoid damage.

Save up your big screen-wiping attacks for when you're getting overwhelmed or when a boss shows up, but use your other moves freely and often.

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