We love a cute pixel art game on mobile, we certainly do, so when we see a game like Yokai Dungeon, we can't help but smile. It helps if the game is good, too. Which in this case, it is. Nice.

Yokai Dungeon is a simple roguelike which sees you trawling through dungeons, beating bosses, and slamming enemies against the wall with blocks and plants.

The game is simple, in theory. Get behind a block and push, and any enemies you push it into die. Easy. The problem comes when trying to push blocks into a variety of fast-moving, intelligent wee enemies.

You play as a cute Tanuki to start with, which is adorable, and you'll quickly find yourself in possession of a few other cutesy creatures to help you defeat enemies.

But that's exactly why you're reading this. You want to get further than ever in Yokai Dungeon, and you don't care how you get there. Well you can try, try, and try again, or you can use these tips to carry you to the top.

Play smart, think ahead, and follow this advice to clear the dungeon of Yokai.

Show me your moves

Your cute Tanuki pal can basically only walk, and push blocks, and to that end you'll have a digital d-pad and a big button for pushing blocks. Block react differently to your push depending on your position, and making sure you smash as many enemies as possible is the ultimate goal.

The thing you'll want to keep in mind for much of the game is ensuring you always have access to a block you can actually push. Two solid blocks up against one another won't move anywhere, the block you are pushing needs a clear path behind it.

That can be easier said than done, and it's easy to push yourself into an awkward situation. Luckily, if you push two plants together, one will break, meaning in those cases you can clear yourself out a tight spot. Hard blocks are a different matter.