A number of huge updates are coming to the popular MMORPG Lineage 2 including a new race and dual classes. You can pre-register for the update now and will receive a +30 enhancement scroll, which is used to upgrade equipment, for your troubles.

The first major part of the update is the introduction of the new race known as the Kamael, an elf-like race that has a single angelic wing. Three classes will be available for the Kamael after the first class transfer.

These are Berserker, Arbalester and Soul breaker, which are variants of Warrior, Rogue and Mage respectively. They appear to be a race focused on dishing out their damage with lower defence and HP than other races. They do, however, have reasonable evasion for avoiding any damage in the first place, so if you finding tank builds boring, the Kamael might interest you.

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The other big change to Lineage 2 will be the addition of dual classes. This will let players choose another class for their character whilst keep their current CP, which is essentially their power level. Once you've reached the second transfer this will be unlocked.

As is often the case with larger updates there will also be a few extra benefits thrown in. You will be guaranteed to earn 3 full sets of Grade UR equipment, the highest of its kind. There will also be a new server that will net you a few rewards if you choose to play on it. Playing on this new server will also exclusively allow you to get a 50% discount all on equipment strengthening costs.

If you're excited about the update and fancy a +30 scroll coupon then you can head over to the official Lineage 2 site to pre-register now. The game is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

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