Garena aren't messing around when it comes to releasing mobile games. After the stellar Garena Free Fire, a pretty standard take on the PUBG Mobile battle royale we've seen a few times, they've brought Speed Drifters into the arena, something with a surprisingly unique aesthetic.

With an anime inspired visual style, Speed Drifters brings cute anime boys and girls on to the race track, with go karts, items, drifting, you name it. Maybe this is here to capitalise on the upcoming Mario Kart Tour?

Whatever the case, this isn't a bad mobile racer, but if you want to win you'll need our tips.

There are multiple control styles, and if you want to win you'll need to master those drifting physics as best you can, so here are the essential tips you need to win in Speed Drifters.

Whether you're a cute anime boy or a cute anime girl, these tips will guarantee a better performance on the track so you can take down those online rivals. One of my online rivals added me, which is nice, because then I could send him abuse afterwards.

Drifting all the time

A bit like Mario Kart, performing a drift will give you a small boost you can use for a short period of time after the drift has ended. Well, you will want to use that, of course.

You can drift pretty much everywhere, but the problem is the drift physics. They're a bit unwieldy, for my money.

Speed feels as if it decreases, and you turn hard. A bit of an odd criticism, given that's what drifting is, but it feels odd in this game. But, you can definitely do it around every corner, regardless of how tight or lax it is.

Once you've turned to your desired angle, hit the other direction and slam the boost button to get yourself back on the right track and shooting ahead.