The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is back, better than ever, and pretty different to how you might remember it.

Ubisoft released this game years ago, and after a few more years of inactivity, we finally have a brand new version, and if you're either a brand new player or a returning player, there's a lot to learn.

As you might be able to imagine from the title of the game, getting some epic loot is pretty much your primary goal, and to get there, you'll need some tips.

Getting through stages will require the strength to push through, and that's what this guide will give you. Read on for everything you need to know to get stronger in The Might Quest for Epic Loot.

Strength to push on

If you're jumping into the trials or later castles in adventure mode, you'll discover pretty fast that your strength matters. A lot. You can see it on your hero screen, and making that number bigger is basically your primary goal.

You need to gather weapons and gear from chests, levels, trials, and more and then level it up until it can overpower any enemy.

The most immediate effect will be felt from upgrading your primary weapon, because of course you'll find yourself smashing through enemy hordes that much faster.

The whole game really does revolve around this point. Getting new gear is the key thing. And speaking of key things, one of the primary ways you'll be earning gear is by opening up chests, and if you want to do that without paying, you'll be saving up special keys.

There are numerous other ways to get more chests, treasure, and gear to improve yourself, but the basic rule, other than what we'll specify here, is to play as many stages as possible, making sure to get three crowns in each.