Gooigi’s time is fast approaching, as it was today announced that Luigi’s Mansion 3 is set to launch for Nintendo Switch on October 31st – yes, the spookiest of all the days: Halloween.

This follows on from the 3DS-exclusive Luigi’s Mansion 2, and it sees the titular plumber attempting to save his friends from a group of ghosts holed up in the mysterious Last Resort hotel. It serves up the usual mix of exploration, light puzzle solving, and boss encounters that the series is known for, but, of course, now you can do it all with Gooigi by your side.

I think it’s fair to say that Gooigi has entered the hallowed halls of Nintendo’s best characters thanks to his glorious E3 reveal where we all lost our minds over Luigi’s dashing, gooey doppelganger.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Gooigi is now the flat-out best moustachioed character in games. Luigi? A has-been. Waluigi? Total creep. Chain-smoker Sully from Uncharted? Probably cancelled. Gooigi? Both handsome and viscous.

The game can be played in single-player, where you’ll switch between Luigi and Gooigi as necessary, or with a friend in co-op. There’s also a proper multiplayer mode called ScareScraper which pits 8 players against one another.

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Luigi’s Mansion 3, unlike the second game in the series, is entirely set in one location. It boasts some pretty impressive visuals and a handful of neat new mechanics to mess around with, though, at heart, this is still very much the same ghost-slamming experience that Luigi’s Mansion has always been – and that’s ok.

Look for it when it launches for Nintendo Switch on October 31st. Reckon this is your most anticipated Switch release of the year? Or perhaps you’re a little more interested in Link’s Awakening or that new Fire Emblem? You'd be wrong, of course, as neither of those thoroughly redundant titles features Gooigi; an utterly fatal flaw for any video game going forward. 

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