Nerial, the team behind the beloved mobile game series Reigns, is teaming up with Herve Marly (Skull, The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow) and Bruno Faidutti (Diamants, Mascarade, Citadels) to release an intriguing strategy board game, Reigns: The Council.

Now, you can enjoy the thrill of backstabbing friends and family, which, as a particularly big fan of relationship-wrecking lying games like Coup, sounds like a wonderful time.

You’ll all gather around the royal council table, with one player being the monarch, and the others all playing the role of scheming, nasty royal advisors. It’s described as a fast-paced party game where advisors will craft and present proposals to the monarch who will then either accept or decline them.

The monarch’s decisions will have far-reaching consequences on all four pillars of society: wealth, people, army, and church. It’s the monarch’s job to strike the best balance between these four pillars while simultaneously dealing with an ever-growing web of lies told by the advisors, each of whom has their own separate goal. If it so happens that one of the four pillars falls out of balance, the monarch’s reign will fall and a new monarch will be crowned.

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We’ve said a lot of words about Reigns over the years, a series that continues to be one of the best things about mobile gaming. We’ve got reviews of the original Reigns, Reigns: Her Majesty, and the recently released Reigns: Game of Thrones. We’ve also got tips and cheats that'll help you make a start on them.

Definitely keep an eye out for Reigns: The Council when its Kickstarter campaign launches later this Summer. Of all the games to be adapted into a board game, the Reigns series probably makes the most sense, and it’s hard not to be intrigued when they’ve got folk like Bruno Faidutti and Herve Marly on board, too.

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