Heroic Magic Duel is actually a game that slipped right under my radar, but upon picking it up, hey, it's pretty good, right?

In Heroic Magic Duel you'll be taking control of a hero, and using a deck of cards to battle against enemies, though this is more akin to a Plants VS Zombies three-lane affair than something like Hearthstone.

I've been playing the game and I have to give it props for playing a damn good game of cards. Or, three-lane battles, or… whatever this genre is called. It's alright, is what I'm trying to say.

If you want to rise through the ranks quickly and earn yourself those victory chests, then you should check out our tips below, which will tell you the important information you need to rank up real fast.

How to magic duel

You begin the game with three lanes and a home base on each side, yours on the left, the opponent's on the right. You simply drag a card from your hand onto one of the lanes, assuming you have enough mana, to summon a unit which will march on your opponent's base to do damage.

The rest plays out as you might expect. The opponent will place down units, those units each have special capabilities, and you must defeat enemy units in order to march on their base and deal out that all-important damage.

You'll get multi-man units with low health, large and slow units with high HP and damage output, multi-hit units, and a bunch more.

For the starter deck, it's pretty simple rules. The Reaper card will slice through multiple units at a time but has fairly low health. The Undead Horde and Archers units will summon multiple units at once, great for slowing down enemies, but not great for damage output.

You must break down your opponent's units in order to penetrate their base, all while protecting your own.