Royal Chaos, FriendTime’s popular card-based adventure game, is set to celebrate its first anniversary with an exciting fan art contest.

If you fancy entering, your art should be based on official Royal Chaos characters such as the leads, any NPCs, or heroes. In terms of your art style, you can go for a quick sketch, a cartoon, something hand-drawn, a bit of manga, or even cosplay photos.

Royal Chaos, if you didn’t know, is a popular card-based adventure game that tells the story of an ancient Chinese palace and its colourful inhabitants. You’ll take on the role of a noble lady who’s thrust into a tale of high-stakes drama and high-end fashion. The story is yours to influence, as you explore romantic encounters while attempting to keep the looming chaos at bay.

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New chapters have been added over time, so there’s plenty to see and do, including hatching and raising royal pets, fishing, farming, cooking, and enjoying a romantic candle-lit dinner with your best friends. There’s also a faction war going on over all this, meaning you’ll have to partner up with other players to take on your most dangerous rivals.

Once the competition reaches a certain number of entries, all participants, voters, and contributors will get an exclusive new costume called ‘Honey Snow’. You can check out the formatting and design rules over on the event page of Royal Chaos’ official site.

And there is one more surprise for the fans, the developing team have also prepared some giveaway codes These are: servecjquyq26h1 (for North American servers), mdwgyqk0dg (for EU servers) and ckgbyqomvm (available for SEA servers).

If you haven’t already, make sure you download Royal Chaos for free over on the App Store and Google Play right now.

For more Royal Chaos news, be sure to check out the game's official site and Facebook page.