Dr Mario World is definitely a mobile game. Damn it, there's gacha mechanics, premium currency, and energy system - pretty much everything you do not want to see in your free to play game, especially one with the Mario name.

It cuts me deep, after seeing Nintendo be so incredibly fair with their mobile game monetisation up until now, because the reality is, this game really wants you money, and doesn't actually seem to care if you're having fun when it asks for it.

Typical, eh? Well regardless of whether you want to complete the game or just bash away with your friends online, the game is going to ask you to invest eventually, especially when it comes to energy.

Never fear though, we're going to give you the advice you need to play as much as possible, and not pay a penny. You're welcome.

How Dr Mario World asks for your money

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Energy is the first and most obvious way it asks for money. Each time you fail or retry a stage, you'll have a point of energy deducted from you.

Luckily, and thank goodness for this, you will be able to keep that energy if you clear the stage. Nice.

Energy is definitely the main way the game intends to open up your wallet, but it's certainly not the only way.

Another is the gacha mechanics. The game wants you to invest in random chances to unlock new characters to either play as, or give you assistance during stages and online.

You can either invest in the gacha mechanics with premium currency, or you can invest with in-game currency, and of course, the latter is preferable.

If you want to save your energy and money, then just try and avoid special stages. If a stage has a timer, don't go in unless you're prepared to use an item to help make the experience easier.

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