F1 Delta Time, the popular blockchain-based collection and racing game, is celebrating this year’s upcoming French Grand Prix by holding an auction for a one-of-a-kind vehicle known as the “France Edition 2019” race car.

F1 Delta Time, for those who don’t know, centres on the collection, selling, trading, and buying of high-end vehicles, cosmetics, and parts. You hold total control over all your in-game items, and, similar to the rarest CryptoKitties, the game’s NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are exclusive and potentially valuable as investments.

This is the third official Formula 1 non-fungible token, with the previous two being the luxurious 1-1-1 model and the Apex Race Car “Monaco edition 2019”. Looking at pictures of the France Edition 2019, it’s clearly a distinctive, elegant, and colourful vehicle that also manages to be strikingly representative of France.

The livery is based on the iconic blue, white, and red French flag, with a chequered motif as a nod to the history of the first Grand Prix and the harmonious design symbolising the French motto of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”.

In terms of stats, the vehicle’s top speed is 988 (for the 88th race held in France), the acceleration is 906 (which is a reference to the first Grand Prix held In 1906), the grip is 953 (a reference to the total number of laps in the French Grand Prix), and luck sits at 58 (a reference to the iconic Circuit Paul Ricard being 5.843km long). On top of all that, the car also gets a hometown buff when racing at F1 Delta Time’s French circuit.

The auction will begin on July 11th at 2 am UTC, and will end on 15-July-2019 (Mon) 2 pm UTC.

To find out more and keep up to date with the latest F1 Delta Time news, simply head over to the game’s official site. And you can also join its ever-growing community over on Discord.