We cover the odd bit of smartphone hardware on Pocket Gamer. But we're not the kind of techy site that's going to delve deep into camera quality or wireless charging technology.

What we're primarily interested in is how well a new phone handles games. Is the screen vibrant enough to make all the pretty colours sing? Is it big enough so that your fingers don't get in the way of the action? Do you have full and unrestricted access to all the best games? That sort of thing.

That's why when we talk about the best phones, as we do a couple of times a year, we're being quite specific. These aren't necessarily the best smartphones for your average user, but we reckon they are the best for serious mobile gaming fans with money no object.

Of course, money IS an object for most of us. And with the global situation as it is, many of us don't have has much to spray around on a new phone as we used to. Don't worry. We'll be covering the sub-£400 and sub-£200 gaming phone categories in short order.

For now, let's splurge!