Auto Chess is the biggest new thing. Whether it's the League of Legends spin-off Teamfight Tactics, the Dota Underlords, Auto Chess, Chess Rush, or any other absurd variation, all of the big developers are jumping in on the latest craze, and it can offer you hours of fun.

But the thing is, the Auto Chess ecosystem is practically split across mobile and PC, with some games exclusive to mobile, others exclusive to PC, and few, like Dota Underlords, truly uniting that experience.

If you're a budding Auto Chess fan, then you will want to play your new favourite game in comfort, and in the manner you choose. So it's great to have options, but what do we do? Do we play on mobile, or on PC? There are a bunch of factors to consider in this equation, so let's break them down…

Form factor

Dota Underlords

So the key difference here will be the form factor. You can take your mobile phone anywhere, but your PC? That's pretty difficult, even if you've got a slim laptop.

So, you have a long daily commute on the train? Auto Chess on mobile is perfect. Boot up your preferred version, relax through your train ride, pack up as your arrive at the office. Beautiful.

But what if you don't struggle with that, and like to restrict your gaming time to your free time? Well, you can play it at your PC when you're unwinding after a hard day. Though, restrict is the key word here. Your options are going to be far more limited. And honestly, if you were going to be playing at home, wouldn't curling up on the sofa with your phone preferred?

Unfortunately, PC loses out on the form factor front. It just doesn't offer enough options and mobility like a mobile device does.