So you've finally jumped in to Dota Underlords, eh? The latest game in the Auto Chess craze is straight from Valve, and thanks to Steam integration, is the best Auto Chess game in town.

Dota Underlords brings a familiar style of game to a familiar genre for fans and puts it on both PC and mobile, and it's a great place to get started with Auto Chess. Though, that doesn't mean Auto Chess is an easy game to play.

There are a lot of rules to learn and a lot of things you can do differently each time you play, and the strategy is all up to you. It can be unusually overwhelming for a game that plays itself, but that doesn't matter.

We're here to guide you through those first few games with speed, from the basic mechanics, to some more advanced tactics later. Follow this advice, and your first place victory is assured.

It's still auto chess

Dota Underlords

Auto Chess is Auto Chess. Like, you can pick any Auto Chess game and you'll get a broadly similar experience in your first hour. If you know about Auto Chess already, you can skip this tip.

But for you new players… You will be buying heroes from a shop, and placing those on a chess board during a preparation phase. During the battle phase you do nothing, and your unit choices and positioning will decide the outcome of the battle.

The key, then, is buying the best units from the shop, placing them in a strong formation, and hoping your strategy pans out.

There is more to it than that, of course, but those really are the basic things you need to know. For the early game, just look at the Alliances of your characters, and place the defensive and melee characters at the front of your formation.

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