Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is finally out, and guess what? It has a bunch of mechanics that are designed to make you wait and waste your time. What a shock, in a mobile game? Oh my gosh.

The potions funnel into that mechanic, and in this guide, we're going to tell you everything you can do with potions, in addition to explaining the use of each and every single one. Aren't we good?

Just take a look below and flick through our list to learn everything about potions you could ever wish to know.

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The essential potion tips

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

So those ingredients you'll be picking up around the map are all used to create new potions. I guess that should be obvious, right?

Rarer ingredients are needed for some potions, and might require you to visit a Greenhouse, or even plant and water seeds at Greenhouses to grow better materials.

Potions have a variety of uses, including boosting experience, healing, and making it easier to assault Confoundables in the wild.

You have a basic pot you can use for all of your potions, and there's a rental pot you can use in exchange for premium currency. Not really worth it, if you ask us, though it will craft potions at a faster rate.

In addition to that, each potion has Master Notes you can collect, which will speed up crafting times dramatically. Definitely worth hunting down if you're a big brewer.

Other than that, potions are pretty self-explanatory, and everything you could want to know about individual potions will be revealed in the following list…

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