Inns and Greenhouses in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite essentially act as PokéStops, y'know, like in Pokémon GO.

They'll be recharging your spell energy, ingredients, and act as a nice hub to find rarer Confoundables and materials. Very useful. But there are a few features and functions you may not have realised yet. For details on all of them, you can read through the tips in this guide.

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Essential spell power

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

The main reason for you to visit Greenhouses and Inns is spell power. It's certainly not the only reason, but it will be the main thing getting you out of the house.

Luckily, spell power comes pretty fast. Each spell you cast only uses around 2 spell power, and you can get much more than that from a single Inn or Greenhouse, so if you're waltzing near an area with either nearby, just walking past a few will fill up your spell power pretty quickly.

As soon as you interact with an Inn, you can swipe at the screen and then close the inn again, to quickly receive the spell power you need.

Greenhouses meanwhile force you to wait and watch some plants spin around the in the air, before you pick a plant and pull at it, also receiving some ingredients while you're there. Unfortunately, if your ingredients vault is full, you won't be getting those. Spell power will still be yours, though.

Now at least you can see how long it'll take for Inns and Greenhouses to recharge, as you get a five minute timer after interacting with them. Plenty of time to return some Confoundables and then restock your energy.

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