If you've been playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you will already be aware of the Registry, the Pokédex-like index of all the Confoundables you encounter and return.

Filling it up will be your main goal, but you can't just do so by encountering Confoundables.

For a run down of the Registry sections and how you fill them up, including details on Prestige, just read through our tips below.

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Sticker book and prestige

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

The Registry is essentially a big sticker book for you to collect, erm, stickers. I didn't say it was super deep or anything.

Each time your return a Confoundable, you'll get a single sticker. Or, perhaps you could consider them sticker fragments. Depending on how rare the Confoundable is, you will need either a single, or several sticker in order to add each to your registry.

The registry is split into multiple categories, depending on where the characters, creatures or items you're returning belong to. Magical creatures, Hogwarts, Ministry of Magic, Dark Arts, and much more.

Each category has separate sections, and each section can be completed individually. At first glance, you might think it'd be pretty simple to collect them all, but of course, things are never quite that easy.

Once you have collected each sticker from any given section, you are able to Prestige that section, and keep collecting. Yeah, it's like Call of Duty, I guess.

When you prestige you lose your stickers in that section, and each will require more sticker fragments than before in order to add to the registry again. However, you'll also get nice experience bonuses, and a bunch more. Given the opportunity, you should always prestige.

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