Harry Potter: Wizards Unite actually has combat. Shocking, I know, but in this game you can actually, like, fight enemies. And that's crazy.

Do they do that in the books? I thought all the conflict was against ideals and they fought by shouting bastardised Latin, like UK Parliament sixty years ago. Voldemort is Right Honourable, alright.

If you want to fight against enemies, Confoundables, and Wizarding Challenges in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, we have the tips you need below…

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The spellcasting game

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

You need to cast spells. Like, pretty much for everything in this game. You'll be casting spells an awful lot.

Whether it's because you've come up against a Confoundable, or you're simply embarking on a tough Wizarding Challenge, you'll be casting spells, though those types of spells depend on the encounter.

For Confoundables, you'll be pulling out one of a variety of spells which will dispell and undo and evil magic which is floating about the air like chem trails.

Some Confoundables are more difficult, and may even attack you. You'll be pulling out harsher spells for these, while having to watch your health.

Though, the main time you'll be engaging in that kind of combat will be in Fortresses, where you'll undergo Wizarding Challenges.

You'll be casting a spell, your enemies will eat it, and then they'll retaliate. When they fight back, you'll use a Protego spell to defend, and will swipe the screen diagonally, in a direction the game specifies.

It's not the most engaging combat we've ever seen, though it's perfectly functional enough.

If things get difficult when fighting, you can use potions to ease things, but it's more about your abilities before going into battle, as opposed to your spell casting skills.

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