Harry Potter: Wizards Unite includes things like Focus, Fortresses, Grade, Wizarding Challenges… All a bunch of esoteric mumbo-jumbo, even to hardcore Harry Potter fans. So what does it all mean?

Well, that's what we're here to solve it for you. Whether you need a glossary to explain the dumb terms, or want some tips to help you through these challenges, we've got what you need below, so read on and get ready…

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The fortress

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

If you've been exploring the world in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, you may have noticed a few towering fortresses dotting the land. These fortresses are essentially the Harry Potter equivalent of Pokémon GO's gyms, and similarly, are the main place where you will be doing battle.

You won't be performing much combat on an average day, but if you want to start a fight with someone, a fortress is a great place to do it.

Each fortress has several grades inside, each progressively more difficult than the last. If you're going solo, you should ensure you've invested in offensive spells and skills in the Lessons section of the Profession menu.

With some decent skills, you should be able to clear out Grade 3 by yourself, but Grade 4 is pretty darn challenging, and will require you to stock up on potions.

Clearing floors will give you experience, stickers for the registry, materials for crafting, and much more. It can be very beneficial to regularly clear of fortresses, especially since there are often daily tasks or achievements relating to them.

The fortress isn't exactly an essential place to visit, but will give you a bunch of bonuses and items that you can use in the future, so if you've got five minutes to waste standing near a fortress, why not, do it, take a Wizarding Challenge.