Spell energy is incredibly important in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Not only does it have multiple uses, but if you're playing the game right, you'll be using it an awful lot.

That could mean running out though, and to prevent that, we've put together a guide of everything you need to know about spell energy.

How to get more spell energy, what it's used for, and much more, all in the list below.

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What is spell energy used for?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Spell energy is one of the most important resources you'll use as a wizard, and it's not exactly easy to stock up on it either since there's a cap on the amount you can carry.

Essentially, you need spell energy to cast spells. Obvious, right? Every time you confront a Confoundable, you'll need to use spell energy to trace out those runes and cast that magic.

As a result, you want those casts to be as meaningful as possible. You don't just get rewarded for tracing accurately, but speed if also a big factor. The game rewards speedy spellcasting, so if you're comfortable with the pattern, do it fast.

Potions are also important, and can prevent Confoundables from escaping, or make them more likely to submit to your spells, allowing you to save energy. Ultimately, energy conservation can be just as important as collecting energy, especially if you find it awkward to get to Inns or Greenhouses, depending on where you live or your mobility.

Spell energy is like Pokémon GO's Pokéballs, but at this time, there's no way to really get spell energy away from marked locations without paying real money, unlike Pokémon GO's gifts. Hopefully we'll see a similar mechanic implemented in time.

But that's not the only use for spell energy…