So you've downloaded Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, but you don't know where to start? You're likely not alone, and even if you're used to AR games, there's a few things here you must learn.

There's a lot to update, download, and get set up so you can explore the wizarding world properly, and we're going to walk you through the first essential steps in this guide.

Set up your profile and settings

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

When you start up the game, your profile will be bare. You'll throw in your name and your public name, but after that, your profile will go unedited, and there's a bunch of things to add to it.

The first thing you can add is a profile picture - and you can actually take a picture of yourself! There are a bunch of frames, filters, overlays and more that you can use to customise your picture.

But then there's still a lot more to fit in.

You'll be able to select a title. You'll only have one at first, but as you progress through the game and clear achievements, you'll have even more to use.

You can select your house. Harry Potter fans will already know which house they'll choose from the options, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. I picked Ravenclaw. I don't know why.

Next you can customise your wand. You can change how flexible it is, what components it is made out of, and more. You'll unlock more options as you progress through the game, and it can effect your spells.

Then there's also your class. Choose wisely between Auror, Magizoologist, and Professor. Look at each class description, and choose depending on your play style.

Finally, you can list some achievements at the bottom by tapping through to them, and then the heart on each achievement icon. You might not have many yet, but you will soon.