Attack on Titan: Assault is now available on Android and iOS worldwide, and you need more soldiers for your team.

This is a gacha game, and we know you want to earn as many characters and soldiers as possible, all without paying a penny. Naturally.

We've got the guide for you. Read on and you'll be summoning loads of soldiers, without ever breaking the bank.

The importance of teamwork

Attack on Titan: Assault

There's strength in numbers, and as such, you shouldn't be heading into battle without a full team of properly equipped soldiers, and that's exactly what we're going to give you the low down on here.

But any soldier isn't good enough. There's ranks, levels, equipment, and much more to think about.

But here's the bottom line: Attack on Titan: Assault is a gacha game, and will be asking you to invest both in-game and premium currency to get more characters. You want those soldiers for free, I know you do, and with some smart play you'll be able to get plenty of soldiers without paying a penny.

First of all, you should know that each day you'll get a free summon or two. Check the Enlist area on the main menu every day and use up and free summons you have.

You'll also be able to earn items which can be directly traded for a free summon in its respective summoning area. These can be earned from daily log-in bonuses, achievements, tasks, or even from chests which open once you get enough stars in mission chapters.

All of these come together to give you a bunch of free summons, and you should feel free to use them all up.

When you run out of free summons, it's time to buy. You can use Gold or Diamonds, but both have several other uses. Gold is well spent on upgrading team members, while Diamonds are have many other functions, since they are premium currency.

When it comes to Gold and Diamonds, try and save up for the 10-summon option, to maximise your chances of a good pull.