Every week here at Pocket Gamer we like to take some time to round up the 5 best new games for mobile. We do it on Thursday, because most new mobile games come out on Thursday. Right now, you're reading the start of the list, so if you're looking for an awesome new mobile game to play you're definitely in the right place. Gold star for you.

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This week's selection includes a deck-builder that's about physical space instead of slobbering monsters, a platformer featuring a cat in a selection of hats, and loads more. We reckon that there's going to be something for everyone here, but then we would say that because we want you to keep reading.

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That should just about do it for the preamble. There's a link coming up that's going to let you expand the list and find out what the 5 best new mobile games of this week are. But since you're still trapped by the power of our words, click here to get all the latest criticism of the biggest mobile and portable games in our reviews section.