Godzilla: King of the Monsters has recently hit cinemas, so what better time to release a movie tie in mobile game? Godzilla Defense Force is a clicker game with a few interesting mechanics, and a decent production value. Decent enough to stave off the usual dulling feeling which appears quickly in weaker idle games.

The usual base/unit building mechanics apply in this case, however there is a card based system which allows you to summon bonuses and Kaiju to fight alongside you. Tapping will spawn in the weakest type of units, while upgrading and expanding opens up more which will gradually spawn and attack on their own timers. The basic gameplay loop revolves around surviving multiple waves of smaller flying monsters before fighting off a larger Kaiju which requires your attention. Defeat that and you can swipe it to earn some extra currency. Once you've done this a few times you'll be given some extra time to defend before you defend against one of the versions of Godzilla.

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There are multiple cities to defend, and you can also… send people to space… where they can mine an additional currency for you. There's also ufos which can be shot down for another type of currency.

Godzilla Defense Force's monetization isn't aggressive at all. I started running the game earlier this morning, about three hours ago, and have restarted the game world twice over without needing to watch a single advert. The Kaiji mini-bosses and Godzilla fights are timed, and if you do run out of time then you can watch up to two adverts for boosts, however all currency gained during the failed fight carries over, so you can just lose a few times in order to afford an upgrade or get enough power to summon a new card.

It's a cute little release, and the fact that it covers the entire franchise and features a little codex which features stills from the movies as well as history on the series. While it might not set anybody's world on fire, if you're a fan of the films and are looking for a new clicker then it's worth a go.

Godzilla Defense Force is available for free via the App Store and Play Store.

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