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Today our selection is the swift, violent multiplayer shooter Tacticool, and we'll tell you why in a second. While you're here though, click here to check out our Game of the day hub, where you'll find every game that's been awarded with the prestigious title. There are some brilliant games there, and we'd hate you to miss out on any of them.


This one's an isometric multiplayer shooter that sees you and a team of three other players taking on a similar arrangement of foes. Killing isn't enough to succeed though - simple objectives help you get more points. Staying alive while you're carrying the points-boosting money backpack is the key to succeeding.

There are some neat twists to the formula here, including some clever camera angles that show you everywhere you can shoot without telling you exactly what might be coming round the corner. The violence is wonderfully well put together, and the simplicity of the controls makes the game perfect for mobile play.

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When we reviewed Tacticool we said "where other shooters have tried to get bigger in response to the battle royale takeover, Tacticool keeps things small. Every shot here matters though, and the sharply focused action is a brilliant fit for gaming on the go." Then we gave it a Silver Award. Click here and you can read our Tacticool review in its entirety.

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