Pokémon Rumble Rush is the latest Pokémon game to hit Android and iOS, and in it, we're rumbling with enemy Pokémon.

Battling is the aim of the game here, and while you will be using Super Effective moves, combat isn't the same as the turn based battles you're used to.

In Pokémon Rumble Rush you'll be using action combat to take down enemies and smash through stages, all while collecting Pokémon of your own. Read through these tips to get the essential information you need on how to beat the strongest CP Pokémon you encounter.

The basics of combat

Pokemon Rumble Rush

Combat in Pokémon Rumble Rush is pretty simple honestly, with just enough nuance to make experienced players feel, well, experienced.

Essentially you can just tap and swipe your way through stages, though against stronger Pokémon you'll have to work a lot harder than that.

You can tap to attack, while swiping will give you a swift dodge roll. Tapping regularly will smash through enemies pretty quickly.

Swiping to dodge doesn't seem that useful at first, but it's essential against stronger bosses, and is actually faster than moving, allowing you to clear through stages at speed.

In addition to that, you can buff up your Pokémon with gears, and summon gears will unleash special attacks to do more damage.

But one of the riskiest, and most worthwhile, attacks is holding down your attack to charge it and unleash a powerful move. These charged attacks hit hard, but you'll have to pick your moment to use them.

These are the basic things you need to know, executing these tools in a heated environment takes skill and time though. Just practice your dodge and the types of attacks Pokémon have to win.