Pre-registration for Outfit7’s upcoming endless runner ‘Talking Tom Hero Dash’ is now open to Android and iOS players. The latest game from the popular ‘Talking Tom and Friends’ franchise offers a polished, action-packed take on the endless runner – with an awesome superhero twist to boot.

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A pack of raccoons have left a path of destruction in their wake, so it’s up to Talking Tom and Friends – now donning capes and boasting superhero powers – to put an end to the chaos and save the day.

This heroic quest will see you traveling across the world to all manner of stunning locations, from the bustling streets of a New-York-style city to the dry deserts of Ancient Egypt. Along the way, you’ll find yourself battling plenty of bad guys, dodging the odd disaster, and uncovering tons of exciting loot.

You’ll be rewarded with a new playable character every time you rebuild one of the five worlds. There are five characters in total: Tom, Angela, Ginger, Hank, and Ben. And they all come with their own unique powers, personalities, and collectible outfits.

To find out more about each of the super friends and their thrilling adventures, you can check out Talking Tom Heroes, Outfit7’s newest awesome animated series.

Upon reaching 3 million pre-registrations, Outfit7 will celebrate by gifting players a free limited-edition outfit. So put on your cape, grab your sidekick, and get yourself over to the game’s official site to pre-register now.