It's beyond a shadow of a doubt that we're massive fans of Aquiris' Horizon Chase series here at Pocket Gamer. The team's two tittes — Horizon Chase World Tour (Android & iOS) and Horizon Chase Turbo (Switch) — have been some of our most talked about games here, we just can't get enough of their arcade racer series.

Horizon Chase Turbo, for those who haven't yet played it, is an action-packed arcade racer inspired by OutRun and its ilk. It's all about going exceptionally fast, wrapping yourself around corners as you try to outpace dozens of road rivals. Visually it hearkens back to the previously mentioned OutRun, as well as the flat-polygon styles of many racers like Daytona or Virtua Racing. Structural buildings and the environments that you race through take on this flat-poly art-style, however, the horizons and skylines are much more detailed, and the vehicles are of a much more modern design. Basically, if you're looking at it for more than a couple of seconds then it is in higher detail.

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Aquiris have announced Horizon Chase Turbo's development road map (oh-ho!) for the second half of this year. There's talk of DLC which will feature new cars, campaigns and more, they also touch on the Playground Mode. Playground Mode will feature a coin-based scoring system which will allow access to more car decals and skins.

Finally they also tease that there are new modes in the works, hinting "keep an eye on the road and other in our channels. One thing is clear for everyone, this game is always full of new horizons."

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