Whirling cogs, gravity-defying conveyer belts and chugging metal machines are your world in Steampunk Idle Spinner. This incremental game is packed full of imagination and offers a unique twist on the genre that brought us Candy Box and Adventure Capitalist.

Whether you’re brand new to the game, or could do with a few hints to help grease the wheels of your money-making machines, read on.

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1 - Tap the coin

Right at the start of the game, you’re presented with a compact, bare-bolts machine slowly and steadily rolling out those coveted gold coins. What you might not know is these coins can be multiplied. You barely have to lift a finger — well, actually, you only have to lift a finger. When the coin emerges on the conveyer belt, before it drops into storage, tap it. Its value will immediately be quintupled. One tap, five times the cash — easy money.

2 - Get your cogs in order

Once you’re buying engines and cog wheels, you can really start raking in the dough. However, pay close attention to how you connect your cogs. Often by connecting the outer rim of a cog to the inner rim of another cog, you can significantly increase your rotation speed — and that means increasing your earning speed. Ka-ching.

3 - Balloon your bank balance

In Steampunk Idle Spinner, balloons bring good things — namely more coins. Just like our first tip, it pays to tap. Tap a coin-carrying balloon and see that money miraculous multiply by five. Tapping also increases the speed of the balloon, bringing its contents into your open arms (wallet) more quickly.

4 - Sync with your electric field

Machines depend on cogs doing their jobs, working in tandem to generate the energy they use to run. One example is the electric field generator, which increases the power sent to the hammers. Set the generator’s cogs to the same rotation speed, and it’ll suddenly work like a charm.

5 - Build in the middle

When you arrive at the Clockwork City, you’ll notice the Machanical Sun with its bemused looking face — it’s the source of all energy here. The Sun sends its energy to the buildings on either side of it, but each transmission consists of 90% of the energy. That means the most sensible decision is to construct the tallest building nearest to the centre

6 - Plan your planets

Sticking with the Clockwork City: you may know that planets allow the Mechanical Sun to rotate without you doing a thing. Upgrading your planets improves the Sun’s rotation speed, but also boosts the energy it generates. Not only that, but — proving variety is the spice of life — a mix of planets will provide a bigger boost than several of the same type. To check the Sun’s speed as you play about with planetary arrangements, simply long-press its face (it doesn’t mind, honest).

7 - Beat the treasury

Being quick pays off in Steampunk Idle Spinner. In Clockwork City, you need to tap each house’s treasure chest to release the coins into your treasury. But if you’re speedy, and tap the coins mid-fall, they double in value automatically. You can use all that extra wonga to invest in a machine that automatically knocks the treasure chests for you — but remember to keep tapping the falling coins.

8 - Deliver the goods

The three island types in the Floating Islands world each produce something. Grass makes food; Desert makes oil and Ice makes water. Use the cableways and bridges to direct the goods produced from one island to another, and the recipient island will enjoy a big boost to its production.

9 - Love thy neighbour

In the Floating Island world, production buildings adjacent to one another give each other a neighbourly boost. Use different building types, and the boost is 10 times as big.

10 - Fiddle with your Narrativium machine

A little nod to the late, great Terry Pratchett, Narrativium is an essential resource in Steampunk Idle Spinner, and you want your Portal to generate as much of it as possible. Pass the threshold, and you’ll gain the Narrativium Machine upon restarting, which you can long-press for boosts. There’s a sneaky way to get better boosts, for the same price, but you’ll have to play with the machine to find out for yourself (hint: it’s to do with the lights).

Start building your strange and marvellous contraptions, and put our top tips to the test, in Steampunk Idle Spinner — free from the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.