It's very hard not to love elephants. Whether its Dumbo, Horton, or Stampy, almost everyone has a fictional favourite. Sadly for the titular character of Oraharo's free-to-play casual puzzler, Euler the Elephant, that isn't the case - or at least he certainly isn't a favourite for the inhabitants of Ignorantia, the game's floating island world.

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That's because Euler (pronounced Oil-er) is under strict instructions to destroy the bridges that connect Ignorantia's floating islands together, and the locals aren't best pleased about it. You of course take control of the eponymous little pachyderm and guide him through each level, crossing and trampling a required number of bridges whilst trying not to leave yourself stranded, or missing your target.

The reason for this rebellious act of vandalism is all explained as part of the game's adorable storyline, which gradually unfolds after clearing each level. And whilst the game's story, look, and simple mechanics might give the impression that Euler the Elephant's intended for kids, the actual puzzle side of the game is anything but.

Using Eulerian theory (hence the name), each level presents a tricky but rewarding challenge to try and find the right path. You'll encounter a few other mechanics to consider as well, such as portals that teleport Euler from one island to another.

Thankfully, unlike a lot of free-to-play puzzlers, any frustration you encounter won't come as a result of intrusive ads, with the developer making them completely optional to view and ensuring they never interrupt gameplay.
There are currently 30 levels and 2 lovingly detailed worlds to beat in the game, so Euler will keep you occupied for many hours. There are plenty of updates planned for the game too, with 5 more worlds set to arrive in the near future.

If you want to get started simply head over to the App Store and Google Play to download and play the game for free.