Every week on Thursday, we liked to round-up the best games that have just been released for iOS and Android. Why do we like to do that? Well for one thing, Thursday is the day when most new games come out on mobile. And for another, we like to make sure that you, our lovely readers, only play the very best games on your phones and tablets. Hence, we only tell you about the finest new games - because the others aren't worth your precious time.

This week we've got more golf, we've got a really smart card game, and a platformer that plays by its own rules. If that wasn't enough there's also a comedy game about astrology. Basically there's something for everyone here, so long as you're into one or more of those things.

We've included download links so you can quickly grab whichever game tickles your fancy. And we've stuck some review links in there too, because we want to make sure that every moment you spend on Pocket Gamer is one that's chock full of information. And also it's our job.

If you think we've missed a game, or if you strongly agree with everything we've said and you'd like to tell us, then feel free to do so in the comments section at the bottom of the article. Or leave one of the new reaction emoji things, then we'll know what you feel without you even having to type anything. Now that's modernity.

Don't forget to click here to bookmark our games of the week hub - that way you'll be able to find out first what the best new releases for mobile are. I think that covers everything, so let's get on with the list, shall we?

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