Although all eyes are on MU Origin 2 and it’s upcoming global release, the game’s predecessor is alive and well. In fact, MU Origin is set to receive a new update with fresh content this April, as it reaches its 1,000th day since launch. So what can MU warriors expect during this auspicious month?

Firstly, a new area and battle system called Reverse is being introduced, which Webzen has touted as being a game changer. It’s a self-contained area reserved for players who have: completed the quest Ancient Legend, reached rebirth 10 level 1, racked up combat power of 12 million, reached a total feather level of 600 and have wings, rock and griffin at max. So this one is mainly for the veterans of the game. There are new Reverse maps to explore, contained within a place ominously named the Dark Land; new equipment, which can be enhanced, or dismantled for experience; and new bosses to take down — five in total, each of which will revive daily. There’s also a Reverse ranking system for you competitive so-and-sos.

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The April MU Origin update also introduces the Mount Emblem system — another way to increase the power of your mount. Once you’ve reached rebirth 3 level 60, the system unlocks, allowing you to insert up to six mount emblems into slots on your mount. Mount emblems come in three grades: Violence of Rage, Thunder of Destruction and Darkness of Death. As with all systems in MU Origin, there are all manner of ways to level up, enhance and upgrade mount emblems to make your mount even more of an asset during battle.

Next in what’s new is the introduction of a clan system, available to players at rebirth 5 level 1 or higher. Clans are like mini versions of guilds, each consisting of five players in total. Creating a clan requires 500 unbound diamonds, but opens the door to player-versus-player events including Clan Arena and Clan Assault. The Clan Arena allows you to fight against another rival clan; the battle goes on until all of the members of one clan are defeated. Even if you end up losing the match, you’ll walk away with clan honour points just for participating. These can be exchanged for rare items in the shop. If one five-aside clan battle is too small-scale for your liking, how about a huge clan tournament? If you’re in the top 64 clans, you can participate in Clan Assault on the ninth day of every month. Fighting through the pack one clan at a time is easier said than done — auto-combat is disabled, as are your buffs and potions. But hang in there until victory and you will win the time-limited King of Glory title, plus plenty of rewards.

Fancy rallying the troops for a clan-off? You can download the latest MU Origin update now, for Android and iOS.

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