Not content with just having, well, the most content of any game ever, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has had another update bringing it up to version 3.0, and adding what we all wanted: a stage builder.

The stage builder in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is comprehensive and detailed, allowing players to not only make the best stage seen in the game yet, but even upload and download them to share with the entire world.

So you should jump into the game and get creating now. The Stage Builder is pretty self-explanatory, but here we'll give you the lowdown on what's new so you can make better stages than ever before.

Best Stage Builder ever

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate just got a bit more ultimate and added a stage builder to the game in the latest update, alongside Joker and a brand new Shared Content tab. Happy days!

The stage builder in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is undoubtedly the best iteration of the stage builder to yet be put into Super Smash Bros. - in fact, it might be the best stage builder put in any Nintendo game that isn't Super Mario Maker, frankly.

Instead of just a basic phallic objects and lava streams of, well, whatever you desire, there are now far more options than ever before.

You can now create background and foreground layers, which sounds like a small thing, but absolutely changes the types of decorations you can create in stages.

I, for example, made some sort of evil clock tower thing. It was supposed to be loosely Persona 3 inspired but I'm not talented in any way.

What it makes obvious though, is that creative types have a lot more room to flex in the new stage builder, and if you're not a creative type, well you can still enjoy the stage builder fun along with everyone else.

Here we'll give you a few basic stage builder tips, and you can figure out the rest yourself to create some wonderful stages to smash on.

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