In our last 2019 genre round-up, you could find me griping about how hard it was to define an RPG in the modern age.

Now I've been given the strategy genre to focus on. I wish I hadn't said anything.

What constitutes a strategy game these days? Sure, there's the old twin axis of turn-based and real time strategy, though we don't see as many examples of either as we used to.

But what about card games, board games, and JRPGs that feature tactical manoeuvring at their heart? Do they fit under the strategy banner? Possibly not on other platforms, but here on mobile things tend to be a lot harder to pin down.

The point is, as with the RPG, the strategy term has gotten a whole lot looser as genre boundaries have blurred. So it's not really worth fussing over too much.

All we know is that each of these five games has a strategic heart, even if they look very different from one another.