Another Thursaday is upon us! How are there this many in a year? I have no idea. However it's happened, Thursday is when we round-up all the very best new games that have come out for iOS and Android over the last seven days. That way you know which of the hundreds of new games that come out for mobile every week are worth your time. Pretty sweet deal, I think you'll agree.

This week we've got horror, foxes, golf, and a reimagined retro classic that's stuffed so full with references that you're going to miss half of them the first time round. We've got paid games, we've got free games, and, while we don't really like to blow our own trumpets, we're pretty sure we've absolutely nailed this list.

We've included links so you can grab the games from the App Store or the Google Play Store with a minimum of hassle. And we've whammed in some videos to give you an even better idea of what to expect if you do make a purchase.

Remember that we've played all of these games as well. This isn't some hype-train party - we legit think that of all the games we've spent some time with, these are the ones that you should definitely be playing. This is a regular feature too, so make sure you click here to bookmark our GAMES OF THE WEEK hub page - that way you're never going to miss out on a single mobile game that's worthy of your attention.

Agree with what we've said? Disagree? Just like posting random GIFs? Well then make sure you take advantage of the comments section at the bottom of the article. We're particularly fond of cute animal GIFs, in case you were wondering.

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