Of all the game genres out there, the RPG has become the trickiest to define. And probably the most subjective.

A literal reading of the 'role playing game' would include pretty much every game ever released. What else are we doing in a first person shooter but taking on the role of a gun-toting maniac? Or an omniscient general in a turn-based strategy game?

Even if you drill down into the tropes that we've come to expect of an RPG, things can get murky. After all, how many mobile games these days feature experience points, character progression systems, grindy mechanics, and/or fantasy worlds? Are they all RPGs?

No, they're not. But the point is, we reckon the RPG term has gotten a whole lot looser as genres have cross-pollinated.

Which is why the following list of the best iOS RPGS of 2019 (so far) looks like it does, with roguelikes, strategy games and casual grinders all mixed in.

Take all your objections and grumbles to the comments section. We'll probably agree with you.