Thursday has rolled around again, which means it's time to take a long hard look at every game that landed on the App Store and Google Play Store over the last seven days. Well, it's time for us to do that, in order to make this list of the top 5 best games that have come out for mobile over the last week. Because that's the sort of thing we do here.

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This week we've got a heart-breaking puzzle adventure, a remastered classic of the early days of the App Store, and a game that looks like Clash Royale but actually has a whole bunch of its own ideas. Essentially, we reckon there's something for everyone, but we'd be super happy for you to make your own suggestions in the comments if you've got your own favourite that we haven't included.

At Pocket Gamer we like to make sure you're always up to date - not just with what games have come out, but which of them you should be excited about and why. We love games, and we really just want to share that slightly weird adoration with as many people as possible, you included.

Here, for example, are the mobile games we're most excited to see coming out this month

So make sure you add us to your bookmarks, or whatever it is young people do to keep track of what's going on in the world nowadays. And make sure you come back next week when we'll be rounding up another bunch of amazing mobile games that you should definitely be playing.

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