When you're playing The Elder Scrolls: Blades, you might get the feeling that your town is a bit bland. If your town is suffering from pillars of smoke and piles of rubble, what you need is some decorations to cheer up the place.

There are dozens of decoration spots littered around your town, and with this guide, you'll find out the best ways to fill up those spots and make your town a much nicer place to live, with a prestige bonus to boot.

Get your town looking fancy with our tips below, and remember to keep opening those chests, the rewards inside will certainly help you get the best decorations in town.

Decorating your town

The Elder Scrolls Blades

As you progress through the game you'll realise that buildings aren't the only thing you can improve your town with, as there is plenty of space for decorations.

You've probably noticed these littered around the town already. You may have even earned a couple of decorations, as it's simple enough to get a few flag banners for small decoration spots early on.

Decoration spots come in small, medium and large sizes, and as you might expect, the bigger the spot, the harder it'll be to fill.

You'll find the smaller spots easy enough to fill up once you've made a decent amount of quest progress, and have built the Workshop, the important facility necessary for more decorations.

Decorations make the town look a lot better while adding little bits of prestige, which is necessary for progress through the game.

That means you should of course fill up all of the decoration spots as soon as you can, and upgrading the Workshop will certainly speed up the process.

As with anything else, you'll need to stock up on materials and gold in order to fill your town with decorations.