Gaming phones are becoming a phenomenon, and gaming on mobile devices is being taken more and more seriously by both big AAA publishers, and the mainstream audience.

After we saw the likes of Razer and Republic of Gaming throw their hats into the gaming phone ring, Black Shark made their own attempt, an independent company with Xiaomi's backing as large shareholders.

The Black Shark was a promising and powerful gaming phone, but with the Black Shark 2, they have outdone themselves, and put a clear message down to their competitors to step up their technology.

With the lowest possible screen latency and a crisp AMOLED screen, games pop vibrantly in HDR. Couple that with a pair of Black Shark Gamepad controllers, and it's a Switch-like portable gaming device that can be taken seriously along with the big boys of mainstream gaming. At least, that's the intent.

We went all the way to Beijing to be at the Black Shark 2 grand unveiling, where we saw the new device and got to test it for ourselves, with full understanding of the new device and it's potential for gaming.

We've got everything you need to know right here: our full first impressions of the phone and the new controllers, in addition to our experience at the phone launch itself.

And then of course we have the price breakdown and the options available, included full phone specs to satisfy tech-hungry fans out there.

Take a look at our articles below, including our full phone review.

If you're looking for a new Android smartphone, the Black Shark 2 is a very tempting choice.