Apple have announced a brand new games subscription service, one that promises to change the way we play mobile games.

Instead of having ads intrude our gaming time or in app purchases constantly dangling in front of our faces, with the Apple Arcade we can enjoy quality, premium mobile games without having to pay out for each one.

If you're like us and play a lot of mobile games, this is a very interesting offer, especially since you'll still be able to play all of these games offline.

But without quality games, there's no way a subscription service will take off. Luckily, Apple have already been reaching out to quality mobile developers, and there's already a whole suite of games launching exclusively on Apple Arcade.

Even if they aren't exclusives, these are all great games to play on your iPhone or Mac, and we've listed just five of many that we're already excited for.

There are console-quality games here, in addition to brand new entries from celebrated game developers and studios. With titles like this in its library, Apple Arcade seems set to launch to success.

Read through our list of exciting games coming to Apple Arcade, and let us know what games you want to see in the library in the comments.

The Pathless

The Pathless

The Pathless is the brand new game from developer Giant Squid studios, of course known for making Abzu, the aquatic diving exploration game.

The Pathless features a currently nameless archer and an eagle, exploring a vast and mysterious forest, with some beautiful visuals. It looks like all of the best exploration sections from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

It's been confirmed to release on Apple Arcade, giving anyone doubtful about the service reason to feel safe, as a console-quality title is on its way to the new subscription service.