Updated December 29, 2020: Original story by Emily Sowden, updates by Jon Mundy

Nintendo is generally associated with family friendly fun - all bright mushroom kingdoms, rolling hills, and wide-eyed innocence. We would never wish to change that.

But we also love a good shooter. Sometimes, all we want to do is blasting some enemies to bits with guns and rocket launchers. Virtually, of course.

Thankfully, being a fan of Nintendo doesn't mean you have to repress your shooter desires, nor do you have to look elsewhere to get your kinetic kicks. The Switch is home to a whole bunch of brilliant blasters.

And what a wonderful variety of shooters we have to draw from. There are glossy first person shooters, hardcore shmups, and classis run and gunners.

We've featured a good spread of all these shooter strains in the following top 25 list. Indeed, we haven't been able to include all of the Switch shooters we'd like, so do share you favourite examples in the comments section if they don't make an appearance.

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