Updated October 25, 2019: New entries added

During the first year or so of the Switch, Nintendo's hybrid console carved out a name for itself as the go-to indie game players. If a cool, quirky game came to market, it would almost certainly play best on Switch.

But a remarkable thing has happened in recent times. The Switch has steadily accrued a roster of brilliant RPGs.

It turns out that the console's unparalleled flexibility is a massive advantage to the RPG fan. When you can embark on an epic quest on the train or toilet as well as in your living room, it makes tackling that 100-hour epic just that little bit more feasible.

These Switch RPGs come in all shapes and sizes too - major platform exclusives, lavish remasters, beloved JRPG rereleases, and quirky indie efforts all sit side by side.

Here, then, are 18 of the best RPGs on Switch.