Finland is the home of mobile gaming - it's here we got Nokia, which leads us neatly on to Snake, and from there we can jump all the way to Angry Birds. No, really! It's that simple! And we're still getting great games from the country to this day.

It's always a joy to be the first to see a new indie game, to get your hands on an innovative title from a small studio way before it becomes the next big thing. Imagine being the first person to play Reigns or Florence.

That's why we set up the Big Indie Pitch. It's our regular international competition for indie developers. We run about 20 of them a year, all around the world, and they're a chance for local studios and individuals to show us what they're working on. There are prizes, sure. But the real winner is you, dear reader, who gets an exclusive glimpse at the underground hits of tomorrow.

Not so long ago, we held one of these much-celebrated BIPs at PGC Helsinki 2018, our own celebration of mobile gaming in the home of mobile games.

The clear winner was Boom Slingers, a clever mix of Worms and Clash Royale which impressed with its physics-based battling and silly, fun multiplayer offering.

But there's so much more than that, covering a wide genre of games to boot. Expect RPGs, endless runners, and a peaceful ride down a mountain. Every game we saw was a joy in its own right, and we're thankful to every developer who entered.

Want to take part yourself? Check out the Big Indie Pitch website for a list of all the upcoming pitches, and find out how you can get your game in front of our panel of judges.