If you haven't played King of Crabs yet, then you should start by taking a look now. In this fun and frantic seafood adventure you'll be pitted against giant enemy crabs, in addition to smaller enemy crabs. Hit the weakpoint for massive damage, and such.

If can be weird jumping into the crab battle royale at first, but if you want to claw your way to victory, we have the tips you need.

Just take a look below for everything you need to know about King of Crabs.

Food chain

King of Crabs

Becoming the king of crabs in simple in concept, yet in execution it can be far more difficult. It starts off easy, you wander around, enjoy the sights, and then suddenly a giant crab absolutely annihilates you in seconds.

Size is the rule of law for these crabs, and if you want to amass size, you should do so by eating those smaller than yourself. It really is as simple as that.

You'll do so with your two controls, the first touch, which acts as a digital d-pad, and the second touch, which will make you move faster.

Though be warned, moving faster all the time is tempting, but quickly drains a finite stamina meter. If you drain this down, you won't be hunting anymore, you'll be hunted.

You should save your speed for when trying to make a quick getaway, or are attacking enemy players that are low on health and on the run.

If you can't fight against the other player crabs, there will be plenty of smaller fodder on the ground for you to forage on and slowly increase your mass.

Your starting stats might be disappointing, but as you play games and eat crabs you'll earn experience and the chance to improve your stats steadily, as well as earn new player crabs.