FRAG Pro Shooter is finally available on mobile devices, and we've been spending hours upon hours shooting up our foes - and now you can too, once you download it.

But levelling up and getting a stronger team isn't obvious in FRAG. After all, you don't level up simply from winning matches. What gives?

Well if this has been puzzling you then it's a good thing we've put into context how you can level up yourself and your team in FRAG. Buckle up, it's a long ride.

In this guide we've got tips for characters, their cards, levelling them up, getting gold, shopping and more, so read on for the essential primer on getting stronger in FRAG.

Character cards

FRAG Pro Shooter

Character cards will be the most important thing you collect in FRAG, and you'll need lots of them to level up both yourself and your characters.

Character cards are, obviously, there for unlocking characters. Luckily, you only need a single card to unlock a character, and excess cards will go into levelling each individual character up.

You'll be able to unlock more characters as you progress through the game. Early on in arena 1, you won't have many characters to choose from, but by the time you get to arena 4 you'll be able to unlock absolutely all of them.

Of course, the best way to unlock these characters is through opening chests, which you'll get from winning battles.

When you get enough character cards to level up a character, it'll cost a small amount of gold to level them up, so as tempting as it might be to spend in the shop, try and be sensible with the gold you have.

As said, character cards will be the most important thing you collect, but why? Well they don't just improve your cast, they're essential for a lot of other things too.