We've not covered Mortal Kombat 11 on PG before now - probably because nobody quite believes it's coming to Switch - but having just sat through every character reveal trailer I have a question. How come Cassie Cage is the only character to get beaten up in her reveal trailer?

Watch all the other character-specific reveal trailers and you'll see the star of that trailer absolutely annihilating their opponent to show off their moveset. Sure, they take a hit or two, but that's usually just to show a reversal or counter move which is context-sensitive.

Cassie, however, gets thrashed. No other trailer has shown the star get hit by an X-Ray move, yet Cassie's face gets caved in by Kano with no reversal to speak of. Kano even manages to get off some quips at Cassie as he batters her around the arena - again, not something that's happened before. (Warning: the video below is suuuuper violent.)

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So what's the deal with Cassie? It's not like she's a bad character. Her appearance in Mortal Kombat X was met with joy as she smashed off her opponent's jaw and posted a selfie of it. Her moves in Mortal Kombat 11 look suitably ridiculous too, so fans are sure to be pleased.

Does she just not have enough of a moveset to show off, but the trailer editor needed to fill time? Was her video rushed, and there simply wasn't enough footage to choose from? Or did NetherRealm really want to take the time to show what it looks like for Cassie to get absolutely dominated for a moment for some reason?

These trailers aren't edited in a vacuum. Decisions will have been made at every turn about the footage used and how they want to showcase the character. Everybody else is an unstoppable badass - Cassie wins, but it's a tough fight. How come?

Mortal Kombat 11 is due to hit the Switch on April 23rd. I'm gonna see if I can ping someone an email and work out why Cassie's trailer is so different to the other character's, because I'm genuinely quite confused.