Is it that time already? Why, yes it is, there's another brand new Fortnite season, and with it, a bunch of changes to both the map and available weapons in the game.

In season 8 we've got one big fiery change to the map, in addition to a stationary new weapon, and a bunch that were vaulted. Sigh.

We've got all the important details here, so brush up on the info you need, then jump into the game to check it all out!

Burn the forest to save the mountain

Fortnite Season 8

The biggest and most explosive change that's come in Fortnite Season 8 has to be the Volcano. Did you notice? There is now a massive volcano on the map. Yeah, it's pretty hard to miss.

What you might not have noticed is that it replaces the Wailing Woods. The woods had been here for a long time, but let's face it. It wasn't the best place to drop, usually being pretty quiet and pretty boring.

But no more, for the volcano has sprouted out of the earth, with multiple places to land and look for loot on its slopes.

But of course you can't just introduce a volcano and be done with it. It needs lava. Obviously. Lava deals damage if you touch it, but luckily you'll bounce right off should you do so accidentally. It does only 1 damage per touch, but it's best not to risk it. Maybe lure some foes in there instead?

The Volcanic Vents are equally interesting. This will shoot vehicles and characters into the air should you go over one, meaning you can extend the length of your initial drop, or relocate to different areas of the map more quickly by jumping into a vent and gliding away. It's a nice touch.

Make good use of the vents, and keep a watchful eye on that lava flow.