Toys to life are dead? Tell that to Skylanders. Spyro and crew are back once again, this time on mobile, and they're ready to kick ass.

It's true that Spyro recently had a collection of his old games released, but this Spyro is firmly the more modern, Skylanders incarnation, with a more aggressive look to him.

It's been a while since we saw anything from Skylanders, so their reappearance on mobile devices took all of us by surprise. Not to say we're not happy to see Spyro and pals, of course.

This time Spyro is working his way through a new RPG battler where you'll be collecting different Skylanders characters and beating through a long campaign mode.

There are loads of Skylanders to collect, spread across ten different types, and we've listed every single one for you right here.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes

We've got their name, character type, rarity, and some basic stats to help you gauge which Skylanders are the very best.

All of these Skylanders also have an alternate version of them with the same name, denoted by a purple star rarity. These are rarer and stronger, but their uses in battle are pretty similar to the characters we've listed here.

Getting through the many quests in the new Skylanders: Ring of Heroes will take a good amount of effort, and it'll be way easier if you go into battle armed with our excellent Skylanders knowledge.

There are 84 (!) Skylanders to collect in the game, not including their alt versions. And no, you don't have to buy any figures this time! Although, it also means your existing figures aren't going to help you much, either. Sorry about that.

Take a look below for a full list of every single Skylander in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes, and stay on Pocket Gamer for even more Skylanders content coming very soon.