How long has it been that we in the UK have been waiting to play Dragalia Lost? I've long since lost track of time, I only know it has been at least a decade or so.

But the wait is finally over, Dragalia Lost is available in the UK and Ireland, and yes, we've got a whole bunch of guides to help you play through the game.

Right here we've got a big list of the Wyrmprints you can earn in the game. Wyrmprints are essentially cards you equip to your heroes to increase their strength. It's a pretty linear upgrade, but also essential if you want to play through the game.

You can upgrade and combine Wyrmprints, but of course, the best way to get Wyrmprints is to summon them. That's why in addition to listing every Wyrmprint in the game, we've also paired them up with their summon rates, so you know how rare they will be.

There are five star, four star and three star Wyrmprints for you to earn, with five star being the rarest and most powerful, naturally. Make sure to keep those!

Dragalia Lost

If you need help collecting more characters, we've got a guide on how you can summon characters and summon rarer characters fast right here.

If you need help with fighting as any of these adventurers, we've got a combat guide to walk you through right here.

And just in case you're still struggling, you can upgrade your adventurers, and of course, we've got all the information for that right here.

If you want to see all of the Adventurers you can summon, we have a full list of them right here.

What about Dragons? If you want to see your summonable Dragons, we have a list of those here too.

There are a lot of Wyrmprints in the game, and here's the entire list.

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