If you're in the UK like me, then you've been waiting a long time for Dragalia Lost. Nintendo latest mobile game has been lingering in other parts of the world for a while, and now the UK and Ireland can finally get their hands on it.

Dragalia Lost plays out like an action RPG, where you guide your characters around dungeon mazes, and tear apart enemies with slashes of your sword. Or whatever other weapon you may have to hand.

One of the more exciting parts has to be where you transform into a great big dragon, swinging dangerous claws and dishing out massive damage. Even boss monsters can't stand up to a dragon attack.

The only thing is, Dragalia Lost is a gacha game. You know what that means. You'll be summoning loads of characters into the game, and the dragons are equally important. You'll be summoning rare dragons into the game, that come in three rarities.

Dragalia Lost

We've listed up every single dragon in the game, including their element and your chances of summoning them into your game. There's lots to go through, and we've sorted them based on their rarities and elemental affinity.

If you need help collecting more characters, we've got a guide on how you can summon characters and summon rarer characters fast right here.

If you need help with fighting as any of these adventurers, we've got a combat guide to walk you through right here.

And just in case you're still struggling, you can upgrade your adventurers, and of course, we've got all the information for that right here.

Dragalia Lost may have a lot to learn, but it's incredibly fun to play through missions and earn more adventurers, dragons and gear to fight with. Plus there's a nice story to go along with it. Get downloading Dragalia Lost, and use our guides to achieve victory.